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Urban Drilling – Opportunities Rising, Cities Sinking

Around the world, cities in low and middle income countries are growing rapidly. With this rapid urbanization, often already weak water supply infrastructure cannot cope or keep up. Many cities are in low-lying areas on shallow aquifers. So why wait for a pipeline to be built, when you can just dig down to find water? […]


Strengthening Water Partnerships across Lusophone Africa

The Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP) has continued to promote the international platform “Building Bridges and Partnerships across Portuguese-Speaking Countries” (P3LP, its Portuguese acronym). The scope of this lusophone institutional and business platform covers five African Portuguese-speaking countries, including Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé e Principe. The P3LP platform focuses on sharing experiences […]


Aquatabs New Systems and Previous African Market Success

Aquatabs is the largest supplier of quality water purification tablets in the world. Through their partners, Aquatabs have treated 11 billion liters of water just in 2016. Aquatabs are manufactured by Medentech in Ireland and meet international standards. Aquatabs offers a wide range of solutions from the individual to the community level, facilitating household and […]


Improving Nigerian water service delivery with the WOP approach

Since 2000, Nigeria’s urban water sector has been reformed to improve the reliability and financial viability of key urban water utilities, therefore increasing access to piped water service. Ogun State Water Corporation (OGWSC) is a beneficiary of the Nigerian National Urban Water Sector Reform Program. This program, funded by the World Bank, has focused on […]


Water Source Protection Improves Water Quality/Quantity in Kenya

Approximately 95 percent of residents in Silula Village, in western Kenya, obtain their drinking water from springs and rivers. Yet the majority of these sources are unprotected from pollution. Water typically flows from the spring eye to be collected meters away. This route exposes it to fecal contamination, domestic activities such as washing of clothes […]


Cameroonian Water Distribution Digitization

Digitizing networks is an important, often laborious and sometimes painful step. It is essential to have a tool for the proper management of assets and for the operation of the drinking water supply system. It is a prerequisite for good network management by: Maintenance of documentation; Rapid visualization of the network and its environment; Analysis […]


Senegal’s Program for Restructuring the Fecal Sludge Market

Realizing the need to address poor sanitation access and improve the entire fecal sludge management (FSM) value chain in Dakar, the National Sanitation Office of Senegal (ONAS) partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create the Program for the Structuring of the Fecal Sludge Market (PSFSM). This program has two primary aims: provide […]


2017 Quarter 1 Progress of SSD Project

Sanitation Service Delivery (SSD) aims to increase the use of sanitation and safe disposal of fecal waste by influencing the region’s sector to create a more effective, efficient and inclusive market for the urban poor in Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. Market Constraints An urban sanitation market landscape analysis was completed in the three countries. […]


USAID WA-WASH has Improved the Living Conditions of over 1 Million

The USAID-West Africa WASH Program started in 2011 in three West African countries – Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso. It is now nearing completion at the end of 2017. The program’s intervention focus on the Water, Hygiene, Sanitation, Climate Change, Food Security and Environment sectors. Lakhdar Boukerrou, the Regional Director of the program, organised a […]


Scaling Up Access to Finance and Capacity Development in the Ghanaian WASH Sector

Catalyzing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): From Possible to Profitable (P2P) seeks to improve access to finance and technical assistance for WASH investments and services.  A €4 million revolving fund is now accessible by households or house owners and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This five-year (2015-2019), nation-wide project is anticipated to reach households, […]