Entrées par Amber Schrum

SFD Promotion Initiative Updates

The University of Leeds supported a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya on May 5, 2017 where the new SFD (Shit Flow Diagram) graphic generator was used in an interactive workshop with 30 people from Nairobi City Water, the county government, civil society and the private sector. A first draft of an SFD graphic was produced for […]

Sanivation: Innovative fecal sludge treatment plants to reach SDG 6

With the Millennium Development Goals, countries raced to increase access to basic sanitation facilities. Now to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 of safely managed sanitation, municipalities face a new challenge – finding cost-effective ways to process the fecal sludge from these basic sanitation facilities. In Kenya, while 80 percent of the urban population relies on […]

Drought-stricken Nairobi looks to polluted dam

As residents of Nairobi’s largest slum look for new sources of water amid lingering drought, they have seized on an unlikely one: an old 88-acre water reservoir full of sewage and trash, draped in water hyacinth. The Nairobi dam has been the capital’s spare water reservoir in times of drought since the 1950s. However not […]

4 Political Errors to Avoid in Achieving Water and Sanitation for All

Eliminating inequality is integral to the Sustainable Development Goals, from ‘universal access’ to water, to ending poverty ‘everywhere’. Yet in a world where the politics of who gets what is increasingly polarised, leaving no-one behind is fundamentally a political project. In a recent study with WaterAid in Nepal, for example, we found that in rural areas a […]

Kenyan Steps to Urban Water Supply Sufficiency

Water system coverage in Kenya is concentrated in urban areas, but water supply and service delivery is not always consistent. This is because water utilities that serve these urban areas lose as much as 67 percent of their water to leaks in transmission, poor billing systems, theft and weak metering policies. Also called non-revenue water […]

Strengthening Water Partnerships across Lusophone Africa

The Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP) has continued to promote the international platform “Building Bridges and Partnerships across Portuguese-Speaking Countries” (P3LP, its Portuguese acronym). The scope of this lusophone institutional and business platform covers five African Portuguese-speaking countries, including Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé e Principe. The P3LP platform focuses on sharing experiences […]

Aquatabs New Systems and Previous African Market Success

Aquatabs is the largest supplier of quality water purification tablets in the world. Through their partners, Aquatabs have treated 11 billion liters of water just in 2016. Aquatabs are manufactured by Medentech in Ireland and meet international standards. Aquatabs offers a wide range of solutions from the individual to the community level, facilitating household and […]

Capacity building in Somaliland’s water sector

Water is scarce resource in Somaliland and it is a drought prone country. ​The rainy seasons are “Gu” (April-June) and “Deyr” (September-​October). The average precipitation is nearly 300mm; but due to El Nino and climate change there have been three years of below average rainfall. ​There have already been confirmed reports of conflicts over grazing […]