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The EAR Technology

The EAR Technology developed by the Sainte Lizaigne company of the CLAIRE Group is one of the 5 technologies presented at the innovation workshop organized in July 2017 in Accra. This is an initiative of the Isle Utilities organization. This workshop took place as a side event of the sessions of the 77th Scientific and […]


La protection des sources d’eau améliore la qualité et la quantité de l’eau dans les zones rurales du Kenya

Environ 95 pour cent des habitants du village de Silula, dans l’ouest du Kenya, tirent leur eau potable des sources et des rivières, mais la majorité de ces sources ne sont pas protégées contre la pollution. L’eau s’écoule généralement de l’œil de la source et est recueillie à des mètres de distance, ce qui l’expose […]


Improving Nigerian water service delivery with the WOP approach

Since 2000, Nigeria’s urban water sector has been reformed to improve the reliability and financial viability of key urban water utilities, therefore increasing access to piped water service. Ogun State Water Corporation (OGWSC) is a beneficiary of the Nigerian National Urban Water Sector Reform Program. This program, funded by the World Bank, has focused on […]


2017 Quarter 1 Progress of SSD Project

Sanitation Service Delivery (SSD) aims to increase the use of sanitation and safe disposal of fecal waste by influencing the region’s sector to create a more effective, efficient and inclusive market for the urban poor in Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. Market Constraints An urban sanitation market landscape analysis was completed in the three countries. […]


USAID WA-WASH has Improved the Living Conditions of over 1 Million

The USAID-West Africa WASH Program started in 2011 in three West African countries – Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso. It is now nearing completion at the end of 2017. The program’s intervention focus on the Water, Hygiene, Sanitation, Climate Change, Food Security and Environment sectors. Lakhdar Boukerrou, the Regional Director of the program, organised a […]


The African Water Association (AfWA) and the SSD Program are working to improve the quality of water and sanitation in West Africa

It is now done: the AfriCap program of AfWA and Sanitation Service Delivery program of PSI have officially started. These are two programs funded by the West Africa Regional Office of the US Agency for International Development (USAID-WA). The Africap program will enable AfWA to reinforce its capacities to better fulfill its missions, promote knowledge […]